I Believe in the Future!

Scientists now say that the average person uses less than 1% of the brains capacity. What is all that untapped ability for? What kind of future is possible for you to create? What hidden gifts and talents are waiting to be discovered and developed? This presentation begins in Paris with a girl named Stephanie, a stolen purse, a thief, and the idea that a 110 pound girl can discover that she too is powerful beyond her own belief. It continues in Minneapolis with a young man named Paul who played right field, couldn’t catch, struck out at every bat, and led the Martin Luther “Kings” to a championship that never should have happened. It also led Paul to the realization that something he alone possessed on the team made him an extraordinary champion. It ends with belief in your own untapped greatness, the limitless potential in you.

Learn to search for and find the hidden talents that will accelerate your abilities to be, do, and have. Recognize how your own ordinary acts can develop into the extraordinary as you actively pursue recognition of your gifts. This presentation will motivate you to claim what has always been a part of you as you work to create the future of your dreams.

This address focuses on the following ideas:

1. Accepting your own limitless potential.
2. Recognizing your own unique abilities.
3. Taking responsibility for the development of your talents and gifts.
4. Developing a plan to create a future of unlimited success.
5. Heighten your level of success and ability to help others.

This address changes from humorous to moving and back again. It also actively involves its audience. It is suited for any audiences, and can be complemented though a follow-up workshop that reinforces key concepts and ideas through activities and discussions.

All You Have Is Right Now.

It only seems reasonable that someone producing films for an extreme sports film company, and working with BMX riders like Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist, would take a Yamaha enduro, previously crashed by Moto X Freestyle legend Carey Hart (first man to perform a backflip on a 250 pound motorcycle) for a spin around the block. But film producers are not soldiers, and Jeff pulled on the front brake too hard, flew over the handlebars, and executed a perfect face plant on the pavement. He was knocked unconscious as the dirt bike fell on top of him. For five days, Jeff slept and dreamt, and what he dreamt was that he was dead. When he awoke, he was disappointed that he had never heard “Jeff, don’t go towards the light,” but he was very, very happy to be alive. He slowly recovered the ability to speak like he wasn't drunk, spell words, remember the distant past, and what had happened 10 seconds ago, but living for months without any short term memory and the inability to think about ambiguous concepts like the future, he was left with only one option, to live in the present and learn that all you ever really have is right now.

Learn to live every minute as though it is the only one that matters. Putting the past and the future in proper perspective will give you the ability to focus and dedicate your energy to the here and now. Happiness and success comes from truly living life. This presentation provides insights into how to truly live every minute of yours.

This address focuses on the following ideas

1. Recognizing the power of truly living in the present.
2. Choosing to learn from the past while not existing there.
3. Creating an exciting future by acknowledging what it is.
4. Using compelling tools to empower your ability to choose and act in the moment
5. Allowing exponential living to become part of who you are.

This address is full of drama, humor, audience participation, and incredibly motivating content. It is adaptable to suit a variety of audiences, and can be complemented though a follow-up workshop that reinforces and practices key concepts.