One + One = Three                      (teamwork)

The impossible can be quickly realized when a group uses team work and synergy to accomplish whatever is before them. Take your team to the next level by becoming one in purpose, focusing on the result, and use differing points of view to your advantage. Build on collective strengths and win.

In this workshop you will:

1. Develop communication skills and establish trust.
2. Learn to forgo ego and build on each person’s strengths.
3. Identify desired results and create a plan to achieve them.

Follow The Leader                         (leadership)

Someone who enthusiastically communicates a shared vision to others possesses leadership; one who centers a group on the realization of a destiny. Examine the lives of great leaders and their keys to success. Discover and develop the skills that will help you help others find success.

In this workshop you will:

1. Identify the characteristics and strengths of leaders.
2. Gain clarity about how it is you will learn and serve.
3. Develop a personal plan to develop the leader in you.

This Mission Is Possible            (goal setting)

Learn the specific choices and actions that create a dynamic abundant life. Organize your time and talents to obtain your unique destiny. Develop focus and courage. Once you have clarity about who you are and can become, your goals in life becomes clearer, and a journey begins that lasts a lifetime.

In this workshop you will:

1. Gain clarity about what matters most in your life.
2. Learn to focus on priorities, and commit to living them.
3. Make choices, set goals, and develop a personal plan of action

Jump Off Your Cliff                       (taking risks)

Do you take risks in life? Would you be willing to forget fear, commit yourself to succeeding, and then jump into the unknown to emerge triumphant on the other side. Opportunities come to those who are prepared to turn what isn't completely known into success.

In the workshop you will:

1. Focus on confidence and reduce fear.
2. Learn the ABC's of smart risk taking.
3. Meet a person who welcomes challenge. You.

Now Hear This                                   (public speaking)

Do you want to learn to speak in public like a pro? Use your unique strengths and personality to capture an audience of 2 or 2000. Work on your ability to develop a focused message, create powerful ways to share it, and fine tune your presentation skills.

In the workshop you will:

1. Learn to create targeted memorable messages.
2. Effectively use stories, quotes, and audience participation.
3. Develop stage presence, the use of voice and gestures.