Jeff's current flagship presentation is the keynote address...

"Un Americano in Albania."

This amazingly true keynote is the story of Jeff's trip to Albania in the fall of 1995, after the death of the countries dictator for Life, Enver Hoxha, and the fall of communism. It details the dark midnight crossing with 12 others from Bari, Italy to the port town of Vlorė, Albania; his bus journey to the capital of Tiranė and the world's most expensive bananas; the family who took him in a sheltered him for 3 days, giving him their only bed; his wanderings about Tirana during the day with Aleksander, the family's kind father who spoke 100 words of English; his nights on the town with the Albanian mafia in a 1995 Pearl Silver 7 series BMW and body guards in bulletproof vests; the blessings of traveling only with a toothbrush, a change of socks, a roll of toilet paper, and a small swiss army knife; Jahnni; Luli; 2 Albanian policeman, one good, one evil, and the French sailors who saved his rear end from life in an Albanian jail.

Learn the keys to surviving when language, culture, chaos and corruption seem to be insurmountable barriers. See how applying these ideas to your own life will help you overcome incredible challenges. Recognize how the world is ultimately a place of truth, beauty and light and how this perspective aids in moving oneself beyond cynicism, disbelief and darkness.

This address focuses on the following ideas:

1. Realizing you have all the tools you need inside of you for success.
2. Using those tools to make friends, win over enemies, and recognize when it's best to turn tail and run.
3. Fostering the right attitude that will allow you to overcome fear and embrace freedom by replacing it with a proactive state.
4. Finding good when none seems to exist.
5. How gifts and talents that may seem to be simple and insignificant often turn out to be the greatest we have to offer others.

If you are interested in a dramatic, true, inspiring tale that will motivate, entertain, and lead others to believe that yes, they too, can succeed in a world filled with good, evil and $5 bananas, then contact Jeff today to book "Un Americano in Albania." It is suited for any audience, and can be complemented though follow-up workshops that reinforce key concepts and ideas through activities and discussions.

Albania was the 37th country that Jeff visited.

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