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Jeff Isom Intro

Since he was a little kid, Jeff Isom has wanted to see the world. At 17 he set a goal to visit 100 countries. He has now been to 118 and will visit Ecuador, in November, bringing the total to 119.

During his travels, Jeff has met 3 US Presidents, spent time in a Bolivian prison, and slept overnight in a cemetery in Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. His travels have taught him that when someone is willing to see things from a different perspective, unlimited possibilities can open up.

For 20 years he has motivated audiences through his keynote speeches and has spent the last 10 years presenting seminars in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North, Central, and South America, where he teaches business professionals about creating balance in life and how to most effectively achieve their goals.

In his spare time, he loves running along the Provo River and making plans for the next country he will visit for the first time. Please join me in welcoming Jeff Isom.